From a 2020 Wedding to 2021

In recent months the world has been thrown completely on its head due to the Coronavirus. However, Covid-19 has brought to the surface a few things we needed reminding of: life is fragile, we take a lot for granted. The materialistc things in life aren’t as important as we once thought. The people are.

When I’ve asked people “what is the first thing you want to do upon lockdown restrictions being lifted?” everyone has replied “see my friends and family” and “give my family a cuddle”. The people in our lives are who make our lives what it is. We are longing for that all important interaction and affection from our loved ones.

The same goes for your wedding day.

Under current circumstances there is a lot of worry and stress, a question mark dangles over whether your
beautiful wedding day will even go ahead. Couples have said it is keeping them awake and they aren’t sure what to do. Others are finding the uncertanty frustrating. All of these emotions are completely natural and understandable. No one wants their wedding date postponed for 12 months!

Your wedding day being postponed is not a bad thing. It’s not ideal, but it’s not terrible.

A lot of the right feelings have been lost at the moment – love, happiness, celebration. Those words been blanketed by worry, anxiety, frustration and upset. Those feelings are not what your wedding day is about or how you deserve to feel. In short, it’s not how you want to remember the lead up to celebrating your wedding day. Who wants to marry their partner under a veil of those feelings? You deserve to be wrapped in love and without a care in the world.

Let’s go back to basics and remember why you are getting married. A wedding day is all about love, marrying the man or woman of your dreams, the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and being surrounded by friends and family – your loved ones. What’s a wedding day without your nearest and dearest to celebrate the joining of two families?

There is always a lot of love and positive energy at weddings. It’s those emotions and priceless moments I love to capture as your wedding photographer. I believe the weddings in 2021 are going to be even more special and full of love.

Once we have climbed and conquered the mountain that is Covid-19, your wedding day will be bittersweet. We will love more, raise another glass to toast and celebrate harder than ever! We will make your wedding day the day you deserve. It will be that extra bit special and make it an even better story to tell your grandchildren in years to come and you will have the wedding photos to show for it…

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